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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 06:02

Keith from River Kwai Bookshop

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Sadly Keith Hardy passed away following a short illness this weekend.

Our thoughts are with his wife and his many friends, Thai and foreign, in England, Korat, Bangkok and Kanchanaburi.

Keith had a long career involved in all things books and publishing and in his later years had opened the largest bookshop in Kanchanaburi.

A keen raconteur he will be remembered and missed.

R.I.P. Keith.

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Thank you for posting on the website the sad news about Keith Hardy who passed away last September. I have only just seen the post after searching for Keith's contact on the net.  Very sad to hear that news. I last saw him in October 2016 when we were visiting in Kanchanaburi. I had lost communication when his laptop expired and he lost a lot of his contacts.
I remembered Keith as he had a good sense of humor, warm heart, friendly, supportive and likable person. I had a chance to work with him on several occasions during the time I worked for the British Consulate General in HCMC as his contact point for doing his book business in HCMC.  Please pass on my condolences to Kong. If anyone has her mobile number or other form of contact I would be grateful if you could tell me.

Kim Chi Ngo
He will be missed.
R.I.P Keith

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Dear Ms Kim


Saithong Hardy (Kong)

+66 86775 2115

293 Mae Nam Kwae Road

T. Tamarkam

Amphur Muang

Kanchanaburi 71000


Hope you both have good memories to share.

(sorry I called you Sir!)

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Dear Clint,


Many thanks for your help.
I have spoken to Kong but I can not talk to her much about Keith dead due to her English is limited

I have some photos with Keith and Kong when we visited them in Sept 2016 and I would like to send the photos to Kong. I also would like to keep in touch with Kong by Facebook. Her daughter has Facebook but when I told her my Facebook page and she could not understand. Could you please help me and contact Kong and tell her daughter about my Facebook page name Ông Cò Con with yellow and red flowers.

With thanks & regards,

Kim Chi

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