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BANGKOK 19 February 2019 12:41

I need to see an opthamologist in Chiang Mai. Also need an MD for another issue.

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Came down with a pain in one eye tonight, as if I've scratched the cornea.

Also about 2 weeks ago got the flu or a cold and currently have a bad cough I haven't been able to get rid of.


Recommendations please.


I assume some day I'll stop coughing, but the eye problem which began tonight is especially concerning and would like to see someone today (Friday).

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10 hours ago, JimmyJ said:

Both doctors with good English language skills please.

If you want doctors who can speak good English and no long queue, then there's not much choices.


ChiangMai Ram.


I notice a lot of other hospitals give preference to Thai people even if we arrive earlier than them.

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On 9/14/2018 at 3:47 AM, cardinalblue said:

Ram hospital eye dept - 2 females were excellent...their names on the TV med specialist board 

Thank you for the suggestion.


I saw Dr. Rutchada (listed in the thread you refer to as Rashada) and have a followup visit Monday.

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