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Big Joke to fly to England to interview teen who claimed rape on Koh Tao


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Big Joke to fly to England to interview teen who claimed rape on Koh Tao



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The deputy commissioner of the Thai Tourist Police has revealed that he is set to fly to England to interview the 19 year old who claims she was raped on the controversial island of Koh Tao.


Maj-Gen Surachate Hakpan - known in the Thai media as Big Joke - told INN that he has made representations to the British Embassy and will go to England soon. 


The alleged victim - who Thaivisa understands to be Isabel Baxter or Issy from South London - has spoken to three UK newspapers alleging she was drugged and raped in June. She claims police refused to take her report on Koh Pangan only reporting a theft.


INN reported that the British Embassy in Bangkok are concerned about the motives of the teen after she went to the media but did not contact them.


Where a meeting will take place is yet to be decided as the Thai police work in conjunction with the embassy. 


INN said they understood that the metropolitan police in London are involved in the case though there has been no contact regarding DNA allegedly on a t-shirt. 


Maj-Gen Surachate, who found no evidence of a rape having occurred on a recent trip to the island in Surat Thani province, reiterated that should the accusations prove to be false the Thai authorities would seek the prosecution of the teen.


He again said that the administrators of the online group "CSI LA" and The Samui Times are to be prosecuted but that more time is needed to finalize matters. 


The owner of the CSI LA site is thought to be a Thai person with US nationality and the editor of the Samui Times has been reported as being a British woman. Neither has been reported as being in custody. 


Source: INN

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Big Joke flying to the UK, to interview the girl who he says was not raped!!!!

Why is he going?? If he says no rape took place, so when he said she wasnt raped, he was telling porkies.

Just shows what a useless bugger he is, surely he will lose face if he goes to interview the girl.

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He has already declared that there was no rape and as others have pointed out he can't speak English, so this just seems like yet another PR stunt. Does he not realise that England is actually a democracy and the girl is under no obligation to speak to him whatsoever. The good news is though that he will be able to take a short stroll through a London street and solve all of those unsolved crimes we have, or at least allow the police to remove them from their lists as they won't actually have happened.

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Incredible. Could you imagine how the interview would go.


Big Joke's interpreter: "On Koh Tao you raped mai?"


Victim: "Yes."


Conversation between Big Joke and interpreter


Big Joke's interpreter: "He say no rape on Koh Tao. No evidence."


Victim: "I have proof."


Big Joke's interpreter: "In Thailand have no proof of crime. Police say no rape."


And so on and so on. 

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