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Big Joke to fly to England to interview teen who claimed rape on Koh Tao


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I am confused. What is the purpose of the visit? Since he has already made his conclusions, why the interview?


Is he going to attempt to discredit her, after interviewing her in a language he does not speak? How objective will the translator he? Is he open minded? If he finds anything out, will he defy his superiors and report it anyway?


Someone, for some reason, I cannot explain why I am skeptical of this meeting, and his motives. 

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1 hour ago, sweatalot said:

well, that's a surprise. I hope the interview will be fair with certified translaters and English police present.

Or - will he try to persuade her, that the crime never happened?

Well, actually, I hope he is offered the same terms as the British police who went to Thailand. Strictly as an observer - no imput - no interrogation by him - let him understand that UK does not put up with intimidation and threats of incarceration.

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2 hours ago, Megasin1 said:

He has already declared that there was no rape and as others have pointed out he can't speak English, so this just seems like yet another PR stunt. Does he not realise that England is actually a democracy and the girl is under no obligation to speak to him whatsoever. The good news is though that he will be able to take a short stroll through a London street and solve all of those unsolved crimes we have, or at least allow the police to remove them from their lists as they won't actually have happened.

Great post! ?? about sums up a lot of posters feelings on this board.


However, it would look EXTREMELY BAD if  he made that journey and she refused to be interviewed.


1 hour ago, varun said:

Hopefully, this not evolve into a "study trip" for a bunch of other cronies and their mia-noi's,

courtesy of taxpayer money.


As long as it isn't UK taxpayers paying for it, who cares? Certainly not Thailand as nobody outside of the military government has a say in the country anymore.



2 hours ago, Raymonddiaz said:

Why is he doing that? He can't speak English. Why not send someone else who could speak the language? Free advertising I suppose! 


To be fair, the Royal Thai Embassy will send along translators and probably the Head of Mission if it indeed happens!


The UK also would have senior officials present.


I will love to see how this one pans out.

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34 minutes ago, Jonmarleesco said:

Oh, dear, I wonder why.... Must have been something the embassy said - or didn't say.

ask for help at the British embassy ? 5555555555555 you're better off going to any other EU embassy.

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2 hours ago, colinneil said:

Big Joke flying to the UK, to interview the girl who he says was not raped!!!!

Why is he going?? If he says no rape took place, so when he said she wasnt raped, he was telling porkies.

Just shows what a useless bugger he is, surely he will lose face if he goes to interview the girl.

We can assume he have some evidence that will take apart her claim which he will present during the interview - He is maybe a joke, but not a stupid one - more to come….:giggle:

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2 hours ago, Raymonddiaz said:

Why is he doing that? He can't speak English. Why not send someone else who could speak the language? Free advertising I suppose! 

Is that true, he can't speak English, or just your assumption?


Serious question, does anybody know a correct answer?



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British Embassy agrees to Thai police’s request to question alleged Koh Tao rape victim in UK




The British Embassy in Bangkok has approved a request by Thai police to visit Britain to question a woman who claimed she was drugged, raped  and robbed on Koh Tao island in the southern province of Surat Thani in June, according to Deputy tourist police chief Surachate Hakparn.


The police team investigating the rape claim will soon leave for Britain, Pol Maj Gen Surachate said today.


He said the police want to prove the claim and make the investigation as clear as possible and if the rape claim is eventually proved to be groundless, legal action will definitely be pursued against the woman making the claim.


Full story: http://www.thaipbsworld.com/british-embassy-agrees-to-thai-polices-request-to-question-alleged-koh-tao-rape-victim-in-uk/

-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2018-09-14
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50 minutes ago, Jonmarleesco said:

It would probably be in his interest to try and avoid having his nickname come up. Otherwise, any serious purpose to the visit will be lost on the media, who, unlike Thai media, don't bow to the government's every wish.

Joke in Thai is congee soup- rice soup usually with meatballs of pork and an egg. Delicious for breakfast, imo.  I wonder if Surachet originally got this nickname because of his liking for the dish. And then there his meteoric rise up the police force due to support from Pravit, hence the 'Big' added to Joke.

joke rice soup.jpg

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