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BANGKOK 27 March 2019 05:10
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ATM gas thieves get just 30,000 baht after twin attacks in Rayong

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ATM gas thieves get just 30,000 baht after twin attacks in Rayong



Image: Daily News

A gang of ATM thieves with gas cutting equipment failed to get money out of a Bangkok Bank ATM in the eastern Thai city of Rayong. 
So they moved on to a Krung Thai bank ATM at the end of Soi Ratbamrung 2/1. 
There they cut into the machine stealing 30,000 baht - but left behind about a million that they couldn't get at.
Bank employees were alerted to the theft after a signal that there was a power cut to the machine.
They found two singed and burnt 1000 baht banknotes and handed them to Rayong police for analysis. 
The same gang who targeted the previous ATM earlier in the evening yesterday are believed to be responsible.
Source: Daily News
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-09-15

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