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BANGKOK 18 February 2019 09:02
Jonathan Fairfield

Yingluck posts reviews of Moscow during visit with Thaksin

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2 minutes ago, stud858 said:

Tidy clean. Is she havin' a go?

Sounds like she approves of the junta's expulsion of thousands of vendors from the streets of Bangkok over the last few years.

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30 minutes ago, sjaak327 said:

Criminal fugitives ? You mean they were put on trial by a Thai court of "justice". As witnessed that they can go anywhere they want, the term criminal fugitives is highly inflated !


Let's not forget that Thailand is actually governed by criminals, criminals that gave themselves amnesty from prosecution further invalidating your remark. 

Well said.

Many do miss any basic principle, less the continuing contradiction that is the Thai political circus.

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4 hours ago, zzaa09 said:

....and they do get around quite frequently, don't they? 


Seen here and there, the world over, for business and pleasure.

And continue to promote and receive the attention that is most undesirable to the Thai ruling class. 


The real threat and concern to Prayut and his circles  will be the possibility of losing the election majority and such political scheming as to grant the Shinawatras a full pardon, heralding their return. 


The chaos that might create....heh?



Not really. They are campaigning hard, have their own constitution in place, ban political gatherings, have a binding 20 year policy already set up... But should it all go wrong, they have reserved for themselves the right to annul the election. Oh, and they are quite happy to kill an awful lot of people in order to maintain their positions.

I doubt they are too worried, given their subdued and docile population...

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