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BANGKOK 18 February 2019 08:45

USA Visa for Thai wife and 10 year old step daughter

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We got married in June in the village and officially married/registered in the beginning of August. 

Everything done ok hopefully...

I applied for their USA immigrant visa I-130  2 plus weeks ago

I am 44 wife is 50 daughter is 10 

We have lived together since June wedding as a family. 

Is there anyone who has applied for visas for spouse and step child to go to America?

Any advice/ wisdom thoughts about what else I might add to the application? timelines for Bangkok immigration office -I was able to apply here as I have been in Thailand since December of last year. I have only seen about men taking the spouse and not anything about non-biological children. I accept the girl as my daughter- she was part of the package. 

also is there anything I can do here in Thailand about having legal guardian status? perhaps to help visa application along but also to be able to deal with stuff in the USA (school enrollment and getting info, getting on my health plan, hospital access...) official adoption looks like more paperwork than desired and a lengthy process- we would love it if we could be in the USA for Christmas, and my daughter could start school in California in a school with a good English program for ESL students. -I know I am a bit optimistic. 

To repeat I have applied for them to be able to immigrate and get green cards followed by in a few years, citizenship if they desire. 


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So, taking step children under the age of 21 is not an issue, you file at the same time as Mom.

Now I'm assuming that since you haven't been in Thailand that long, you filed in the US, through the Chicago lock box, since as I reacall, it's resident of 2 years before you can file in BKK.

So timelines;

I filed in Bangkok in 2017, 100 days start to finish for the CR-1

Friend here filed in Chicago for a CR1, 10 months, although that was back in 2014

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