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BANGKOK 18 February 2019 09:28

New Thai national passport

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The wife wants to add my surname on her passport. What form can we download from where?. Does she take name change doc, current id card with name already added... Anything else?



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First things first. Has she changed her ID card to your family name? That is a prerequisite.


Once she has that, all she needs to do is go to her local passport office with her ID, wherever that may be and complete the necessary paperwork. The process takes about 2 to 3 days. (UK passport holders, eat your heart out ?)


Obviously I cannot tell you were her local passport office is, but I'm sure she will know where to go.


Important note. Check the spelling of her new surname on both the ID card and her new passport. They misspelt it on my wife's ID the first time round, but I spotted it straight away and it was corrected there and then.


Overall, it's easy peasy.





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Not sure what you mean by "add" new surname to passport or Thai ID, do Thai ID cards and passports have maiden name and new name listed ?(or are you asking how to have both listed) as others have said, once ID has been changed, then get a new passport.

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