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Palestinian stabs U.S.-Israeli citizen to death at West Bank mall


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More of your contrived waffling. The topic isn't about legalities, spin it as much as you like. That you wish to make it about legalities doesn't alter things. Same elements apply with the pretense that the issue wasn't raised and discussed on past topics.


And indeed, nothing in your posting history indicates much interest in related "laws", other than in instances which they support your point of view, or can be spun as such. Basically, you do not really accept anything whatsoever which reflects negatively on the Palestinian side. Laws included. So regardless of legal interpretations and view presented it is doubtful that anything fundamental would change with regard to your extreme positions


The faux position that there are fully agreed upon laws (regardless of whether you actually accept them as such) is bogus. Laws related to such issues are often open to interpretation, rather than being carved in stone. There are basic principles, though, one of them relating to civilians being off limits. That you, and the other poster insist on your take being "the law", or even a widely accepted interpretation, doesn't make it so. You seem to hold that the Palestinian's "right" to resist covers any vile thing whatsoever. Other than in your extreme point of view, this is neither a legally or morally acceptable proposition. The funny bit is that even Palestinian views on this aren't necessarily as extreme as expressed on here. Nothing new.


As with many cases, it appears what you're looking for is magic. Some legal argument that would "win" the issue. That's neither a realistic expectation, nor a constructive one. It does, however, conform to the black-and-white world view prevalent in your tirades.


And no, my posts and views are not "the same" as yours. I'm not a fanatic, an arm-chair wannabee revolutionary or someone claiming to be a great "humanist" while engaging in one-sided excuses and justifications of actions to the opposite. Nor do I pretend to believe that supposedly existent "laws", or "objective" interpretations of, would decide the conflict.


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On 9/21/2018 at 6:09 PM, metisdead said:

Off topic posts and the replies attempting to hijack the topic to other discussions have been removed. 


Some more off topic posts and attempting to hijack the topic to discussion of citizenship legalities. 


This topic is now closed. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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