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Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

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Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

By Jintamas Saksornchai, Staff Reporter



A December 2017 file photo of a 7-Eleven store in Nonthaburi province


BANGKOK — Twenty-million bank customers will be able to make basic transactions at all 7-Eleven stores when a pilot banking program launches next month.


Government Savings Bank customers will be the first able to deposit and withdraw funds at more than 13,000 convenience stores across country starting Oct. 31, the bank announced Tuesday.


Full Story: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/featured/2018/09/18/banking-coming-next-month-to-every-7-eleven/

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3 hours ago, balo said:

Terrible news, just waiting in the ATM queue when in the beginning of the month the locals try to transfer money 10 times to their friends they owe money too .   


So if you just want to buy a bottle of water it could take forever.




There's also the 108 shop, if that one happens to be much faster for buying drinks or cigarettes  i'll go there from now on.

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10 minutes ago, catman20 said:

yes also if you've got a thai in front of you using a ATM machine you may as well give up and try to find another ATM as their there for ever, its painful to watch them trying to work it out and you can hear the cogs turning in their head. 

At the end of the month in BKK there are queue's at EVERY atm for about 30-40 people...it's terrible...

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