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BANGKOK 23 February 2019 02:33

Tourist appeal blossoms in chilly Chiang Rai

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On 9/24/2018 at 11:00 PM, My Thai Life said:

I'm not upset at all by your comment, why should I be? I think almost all farangs came here as tourists (as do most visiting Thais). What I do think is amusing though is that even after decades, let's say 40 years, some farangs still are tourists, having no meaningful interaction with Thai society at all, apart from the old 90 day report. 

sorry i misunderstood your post.   I will say that the 2 farang friends i have I met in CM about 30 years ago.

I left thailand and came back a few times, but have not been out of the country for about 15 years now.

Those 2 are still the only Farangs I have anything to do with (except for those in my pic 55).  The only meaningful interaction i have on a daily basis is with thais and in thai.   Neither my gf nor I (naturally) come

from this rural area of Lamphun....but we are treated and greeted with friendliness and I like to think respect.  We work our land ourselves and live a simple life.   When i tried this lifestyle 30 years ago I was not really ready ( and no cable or internet to distract).   But I always liked the rural Northern Thai people...and still do !

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I don't live in the mountains so my photos can't compete with those nice ones VF posted.   But i can share a photo of our scenery on our bike rides.  When I was younger it was the call of nature pulling on me : the female kind.    Now a nice view does the trick . 




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34 minutes ago, rumak said:

sorry i misunderstood your post.

No need to apologise, I was being provocative, and regretted my post after. If I may expand, I see several categories of farangs:


- those who arrive in couples (I mean 2 farangs) living in almost complete isolation from Thai society

- those married to Thais who have the opportunity to engage to a much greater extent than group 1

- those working here, often as teachers, who get a significant exposure to the Thai community, but often from the wrong end of the stick

- those engaged in business here, who are usually immersed in Thai society warts and all

- I haven't mentioned the largest category (single guys playing the gold fish bowl - as it's not especially relevant to the North)


or, from a different perspective:


- tourist visa

- extension of stay

- permanent residence

- citizenship


or, from another perspective:


- speak just their own language

- speak some Thai (but often no Northern Thai)

- read and write Thai

- read and write Northern Thai (I would guess the membership of that group is zero !).


Nothing wrong with any of these groups of course, each to their own.


But people who have basically been tourists for 40 years are just long term tourists. It's a bit like the Thai Visa myth that the more posts you have the more you know about Thailand,  but all it actually demonstrates is that they've spent more time on their computer screen.





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I have lived in Thailand my entire adult life and began visiting while I was still a university student.  Soon after completing my studies, I moved to Bangkok where I lived for 30 years. I was not sent here by military, government, god or corporation. I just bought a ticket and boarded a plane at 23 with no real plan. I had no idea what I would do or how I would stay here. Somehow it all worked out.  I worked in Bangkok for many years.  I was single for the first twenty years but have been with my wife for twenty one years now.


I have been treated well by Thais and Thailand. You will hear no horror stories from me about this place I call home. I seem to have very little in common with the average retiree these days but that is fine with me.  My life in Thailand has been uncommon to say the least, spanning four decades, friendships from all levels of Thai society, single life, married life, city life, country life, work and leisure.  For some of us, no one category covers the full extent of our relationship with Thailand but I guess labels make it easier for some people to cope.


I, too, am an avid cyclist.







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1 hour ago, My Thai Life said:

the Thai Visa myth that the more posts you have the more you know about Thailand, 

well,  as you can translate ( i think) from my user name I do know a lot !    hahahaha   but if i use northern thai i would have to change my name.   My first name is Farang.......   I used to wonder how some girls knew my name as they often were upset and were quick to say   Farang Rumak (followed by mai dee sometimes).

I have not heard the mai dee for quite some time now....living the peaceful life .  


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thanks MTL, VF, mau.........et al  for some nice posts.   i'd better go to sleep before someone takes offence at my username  😉


btw:  amazing how similar VF's bike photo and mine was !    

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