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Looking to buy fresh Beet Root in C Rai

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I couldn't say positively but I have never seen any outside of Macro or someone's garden. Funny you should mention it I was in my local market the other day and though I had found some but they were just  some form of  sweet potato like veg.

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There must be a market up there where hilltribes and other farmers

bring produce,they have it the market in Chiang Mai, the problem is

some of it is just too big ,hard as the hobs of hell,you could boil it

till the cows come home and it will never get soft.

Alternatives, Makro has some pre boiled,shrink packed from N Z,so

its expensive  95 THB for 6 small beets,then check out Tops supermarket

they have Heinz baby beets in jars. 

If you can find any fresh ones make sure the tops and bottoms are not

cut off, as when you boil them all the colour will bleed out. good luck

regards worgeordie

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