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BANGKOK 18 July 2019 15:45

This site keeps promoting threads which are 1,2, or more years old. Why?

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At the end of the current threads there are color thumbnail pix and text links for other threads.


As stated in header, many of these are several years old.


One of the mods posted in one of them "You guys are posting in a thread which is several years old."



The reason is because the forum is promoting these old dead threads for reasons unknown.

People assume they are current and start posting in them.

Or start wasting their time reading them, again because haven't noticed the date of the thread. And assume that the site is promoting new threads as it used to normally do.

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yes, that's quite strange.

these "ads" for ThaiVisa threads are served by GoogleAds, not by ThaiVisa.

although I'm active in online marketing and ad publishing myself, I wonder what the benefit of this is.

maybe GoogleAd algorithms decided that the type of link ThaiVisa users are the most likely to follow is another ThaiVisa link, presented as "clickbait". Not too long ago, the threads these ads linked to were in majority of "almost sexual" nature, about bars, girls, etc. with matching pictures showing Thai girls, ladyboys, pattaya streets, massage salons, etc. All that was proper "clickbait".


So... I think GoogleAds might be doing what GoogleAds itself bans its own publishers from doing, i.e. hiding ads within what could appear to be site navigation elements or content. These are called "matched content ads" by GoogleAds.
They hope for users confusing the ads with links to site content, but this is something that Google Adsense bans publishers from doing:



“Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click on Google ads in any way. This includes implementing the ads in a way that they might be mistaken for other site content, such as a menu, navigation, or download links.”



In any case, this is not ThaiVisa's fault.

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