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Two foreign tourists fatally injured in Bangkok mall shooting

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Two foreign tourists fatally injured in Bangkok mall shooting

By The Nation




Two foreign tourists were fatally injured and two Thais and another tourist hurt when a group of young men fired rifles at a rival gang near a Bangkok shopping mall Sunday night.

The shooting happened at 8.30pm on a soi behind the Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel where tourist coaches were parked. The soi is off Ratchaprarop Road in Makkasan subdistrict of Ratchathewi district.


Police said Gakhrejr Dheeraj, 42, an Indian, and Keovongsa Thonekeo, 28, a Lao tourist, died later in hospital.


Another Indian tourist, Sharma Dharmendra, 45, was injured along with two Thai men, Thaksin Suk-iad, 22, and Pornthep Pumpuang, 23.


Pol Maj Gen Senit Samararn Samruajkit, commander of the Metropolitan Police Division 1, said three young men armed with rifles opened fire at their rivals following a dispute at a snooker parlour near the soi where the shooting took place.


Senit quoted witnesses as saying that they saw some 20 young men armed with pistols, knives and sticks running from the snooker parlour into the soi where three young men carrying rifles opened fire.


Senit said police have yet to investigate the type of rifles used but spent shells from the AK47 assault rile were found at the scene.


Juli Sawang-aroon, 62, a tour guide at the shopping mall, said the injured Indians belonged to a group of Indian tourists taken by coach to dine at the India Gate restaurant on the ground floor of the shopping mall.


After the dinner, the Indian tourists were given some time for shopping before the coach took them back to their hotel. Tourists who had finished their shopping returned to the car park on the soi to wait for their coach.


Senit said the rival gangs are believed to be made up of youngsters in the area.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30356011

-- © Copyright The Nation 2018-10-08
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1 minute ago, hansnl said:

7.62 X 39 is the cartridge for the AK family, Russian standard.

7.62 X 51 or the civilian .308 is a NATO cartridge.

Furthermore, an assault rifle is also a rifle.

The difference is that a military "assault" rifle has selective fire, semi automatic and automatic.

The iconic AK-47 and it's clones are very available on the black market.

So it is quite possible, seen the found shells, the rifles were AK-47.

Real forensic gurus can deduct a lot from the spent shells, type of weapon, kind of gunpowder, the age of the cartridge and the maker of the cartridge.


I am aware of that but we are talking about the Thai police here, maybe they do have decent ballistic forensic scientists here but at this stage of the investigation the RTP haven't even got to the posed SOC photograph yet.


Chances are that it may well turn out to be an AK but with the details that are being published at the moment there is just no way to tell.

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