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BANGKOK 21 January 2019 13:07

Three french tourists face years in Thai jail for making false robbery claim on Samui

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On Mon Oct 08 2018 at 6:35 AM, Ctkong said:

Giving genuine tourist a headache in future travel insurance claim whenever Thailand is mentioned... 

next time if some real shit happens to you in thailand once u contact ur insurance you might encounter the following:...oh a robbery...ah in thailand..let me guess in the soi with no name and no witness right ? and u say u lost all ur belongings...are u sure u was not drunk at the time ? there was no ,how should i say , a certain lady  involved or drugs or both and all this was mere imagination...then u show them ur stab wound at the stomach  and your head wound and the fotos from  the site the ambulance picked u up and the hospital bill....the guy replies..well u know we dont cover diving accidents cause these are dangerous activitys ..see our very small print ......to be continoud...

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