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BANGKOK 21 April 2019 02:08

"Easy Ride" for pensioners in Thailand now over, says Pattaya Radio

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1 minute ago, watcharacters said:


So you're essentially saying this entire thing was one big wind up?


Wind up might be the wrong terminology. It made big waves out there, which is no bad thing if you are looking for some votes a little way down the track. I dont know if the Embassy letter issue is of coincidental timing, but what was not possible regarding visas on Friday last week, apparently was possible again yesterday, so you can draw your own conclusions.

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The stories and posts on this issue are multiplying like weeds, and getting to be a bit of a circle jerk -- now we've got ThaiVisa reporting on 103FM reporting on ThaiVisa..... Yeesh!!!


However, there was one interesting nugget in the above report that I hadn't yet seen elsewhere:



However, the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok on Tuesday told Thaivisa: "there is no plan to change anything related to income letters for the immediate future".


If accurate, PERHAPS, that is a good sign that the British Embassy decision re income letters won't be the first in a wave of similar actions by other country embassies here.


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