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BANGKOK 23 February 2019 01:37

Android phone drag down menu problem

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I have a Sony Xperia compact (Android), about 2 months old, kept in good condition. I have only just taken the protective plastic sheet off the front of the phone (more on that later).


What I am experiencing is an inability to drag down the notifications which appear right at the very top of the screen. Everything else on the phone seems to be working fine. I can access everything  I need to anyway, but this is an annoying problem - not being able to 'swipe' down.


I fear I changed something by mistakes in the settings - either in the phone or maybe  Google? As I was trying to get rid of some constant Google notifications.... I can see a 'busy' sign (circle with a line through the middle, similar to the STOP traffic sign), at the very top of the screen. But this is odd, as usually this means the phone is on silent etc.. but it isn't. Could this indicate a setting change which won't let me drag down from the top any more?


The only other thing I can think it could be, is that the problem arose just before I took off the thin protective plastic sheet on the front. That's the reason I took it off, but not sure how that would affect anything. 


Any suggestions?.... Have already tried restarting the phone. Also watched a couple of YouTube vids on this problem to no avail.



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On 10/10/2018 at 7:48 AM, mtls2005 said:

It may be something specific to your exact make/model/Android rev?




AFAIK, single and two-finger swipe downs are part of Android. Neither work for you? Assume you're on Android 7 or 8?

Thanks... it is a Z3 Compact, same as in the thread you posted... looks like it's not just me!


I will try downloading the app recommended.


My Android version is 6. 0. 1... not sure if this matters...

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