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BANGKOK 26 March 2019 08:49

Chiang Mai Chinese tourism down! Let's be a "happy family" and learn to speak Mandarin!

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Well less Chinese has it's advantages...less poo to clean up behind the trees,  as they love to offload asap and anywhere ! 😂


Perhaps the authorities nationwide should rather focus on better treatment towards the expats already established here and harass them less on extension of stay and general administrative issues, before they also start to pack up and give their money to another country.


Just to get a Thai driving licence or a yellow house book for those who want it (yes, yes some say it's useless ok)  can be a pain in the arch with all the required paperwork (some may have got it in 15 minutes, but many places do harass with excessive red tape or plain lazyness to get the work done when dealing with a foreigner).

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Oh dear, the honeymoon period is over. You don't need to change, us Farangs love you just the way you are. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Kao San Rd springs to mind.

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