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how to make water tasty ?

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24 minutes ago, ukrules said:

I've found the following rehydration salts brand to be a good one because you mix it with 750ml of water or 2 packets per 1.5 liter bottle for when you're dehydrated.




Many of the others which are available taste like crap and only work with 200-300 ml of water which is not going to rehydrate anyone who needs rehydrating.


This ORS one also tastes pretty good with an orange flavour.


I buy the above by the box full, you might need to order them from a pharmacy as they're not as readily available as some of the other brands which have already been mentioned.


This one looks better then what I was getting with the sugar content is about 5mg I used a online convertor, I never heard of mmol as a measurement! 

Its good to include these if your drinking the reverse osmosis water, I wouldnt put it past even some thai branded waters would use this process.  The osmosis pretty much strips all the nutrients from water in its process which makes you not properly hydrate.

51 minutes ago, Silurian said:

Well, according to recent health studies, men should have a daily intake of sugar around 37 to 38 grams. This accounts for normal activity. If you exercise (you mentioned weight training) you can increase the sugar intake accordingly.  

Thanks for the info!  I thought 4mg is harmless, I should have known better as I am a bodybuilder and ex rugby player.   I train twice a day but mornings is cardio to burn the extra calories,  which I then pile back on with my sugar drinks haha.

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1. make infused water. Buy one of those infused water bottles and fill it with different fruits and spices every day. Leave it in the fridge to cool overnight, then in the morning you get a really delicious drink. And you can mix up your own thing, so it never gets boring (lemon water everyday, blegh!) My favorite is apple and cinnamon (sometimes I throw lime in the mix too). Use cinnamon sticks for this, not the powder.


2. https://www.facebook.com/memixway/ these are available at Tops for 80 Baht for 24 squirts. Whether there are any actual vitamins in them... better not hope for anything. But they do give flavor to water. It's really quite sweet though (what Thai drink isn't?) so I usually take more than the recommended amount of water for 1 squirt. The yellow one makes it look like you're drinking urine 


3. I've also tried putting a bit of fruit juice into a bottle of water. You get some flavor but not too many calories. 

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