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BANGKOK 22 February 2019 14:57

Another dead tourist found floating at Koh Tao: Police fly body out for autopsy in Bangkok

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On 10/23/2018 at 12:32 PM, moose7117 said:

so far Luke miller, Christna Annersly, Unnamed Frenchman, D Miller H Witheridge, J Louet, Dissapeared from Koh Tao, these are the ones i could find with a two minute google search, not to mention the chinese guy that drowned, the bird that got run over by a boat.  god knows how many locals.


please don't defend the place as it was once a lovely island that has descended into a s%$thole.

1. Elise Dallemange fled from a fire then disappeared. Eventually found 'hanged' after Samui Times investigation. April 27 2017
2. Valentina Novozhenova reported missing - still no sign of her. Feb 15th 2017
Luke Miller found dead in swimming pool but with inexplicable injuries. January 2016
3. Dimitry Povse "committed suicide" but with hands tied behind his back. January 2015
4. Christina Annersley died from a seeming "overdose of antibiotics"(!), but with no post mortem also January 2015

5. Hanspeter Suter, police stated he was depressed and had no money – then he rented scuba gear and was found drowned 2 weeks later with no scuba gear. November 2014
6. Hannah Witheridge and David Miller - dual murder and rape September 2014
7. Nick Pearson disappeared after a night out with his family - found dead out at sea by a scuba diver the next day, "killed by a fall". January 2014

8. Koh Tao resident, French dive instructor Jean-Francois Louet, disappeared on his way back to Koh Tao and has not been seen since. December 2018.


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Once a thread goes cold there is never any updates as this country doesn't need bad publicity ☠💩

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