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“I’ve been an idiot”, says Briton facing ten years in jail for Chiang Mai graffiti


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10 hours ago, sanemax said:

Stick him on his Sunday flight and kick his ass on the way out .

The wall isnt that significant and just 30 years old and it was cleansed off

Send him home with a clip around the ear

You are right, those wall at in that area  are not the original ruins but a rebuilt version. 

So,  in fact they are not really "historic" .  

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4 hours ago, edwardflory said:

"He is prone to making ill judgements - he has a lot of tumours in the frontal and temporal lobes of his brain and suffers with epilepsy as a result of it."


Why would any responsible parents allow such a trip to Thailand alone?


 one flew over the cuckoos nest

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10 hours ago, scottiejohn said:

If the family are living hand to mouth where did this guy get the money to come to Thailand? It sounds like his family could have been better helped with the money that he spent on this ill fated trip.

Remember though...he's a jackass.

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What is the point in sending him to prison? Yesterday they were talking 10 years....a bit overkill. Perhaps the judge will be lenient. If he wants to make an example of them, 6 months max. I would think and if he were Thai it would be suspended....but what would be the point of suspending a sentence for a foreigner? He has no money so what is the point of a fine?

I think they will let the girl off. 

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10 hours ago, vogie said:

Britneys mother said "its the first time she has been in trouble in her life" translates as first time shes been caught.

She ? she ? she? Possible I suppose, like a lesbian bouncer for a lumberjack canteen

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1 minute ago, The Theory said:
11 hours ago, rooster59 said:

“He has always struggled in educational situations

He will learn this one and will receive his diploma from Chiang Mai Hotel. 

A diploma in what - terminal stupidity?


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9 hours ago, doremifasol said:


Look at the shirt he is wearing to apologize  for his actions.........


U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!    :bah: 



give him some slack, look at his face, he's thinking.

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Lock them up...a couple of years will be fine.

Make them clean up their mess and the prison grounds while in custody.

Then deport them at their own cost.


These morons damaged an Historic Site, One Year or Seven Hundred Years old is besude the point.

What gives these imbeciles any right to come to Thailand and behave like Scum Bags? How would the British, Canadians or anyone else react if Visiting Thais were to defile their Sacred Sites? 


Now one of the morons has his Mamma Crying and making excuses.

If she kbew he was such an imbecile, she shouldn’t have let him loose from her Apron Strings....suck it up Lady !

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