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“I’ve been an idiot”, says Briton facing ten years in jail for Chiang Mai graffiti


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3 hours ago, mike324 said:

I read majority of the wall was built in the 1980s, there is nothing left from the 800 year old wall.

Well you read wrong.....it has been restored in some areas....

and some not......the corners in particular are genuine

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A good example for the need of caining whip the crap out of him leave scars he will rember that being said it’s not worth 10 years of someone’s life but it’s worth some pain to make sure it doesent happen again

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2 hours ago, Pedrogaz said:

What is the point in sending him to prison? Yesterday they were talking 10 years.

It stops others doing it.

The UK is plagued by this sort of low-level crime because there is 'no point' in punishing those that do it.

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2 hours ago, zzaa09 said:

Or....if public beheading is still in fashion. 

Should be brought back, after all he would only be missed by the rest of the brain dead brigade who have no respect for people, property or themselves.


As Atyclb said

graffiti is no joking matter

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15 minutes ago, gerritkaew said:

he don't look that druk to me on the vid,, stopit okay and thats why he have to spend some time in jail.. good for him.

Nobody here was ever young  drunk and  done anything stupid, eh? 😀 


Empty their pockets and send them home with a persona non grata stamp in the passport , keep jail for stuff more serious than idiots writing on walls...... 



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