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“I’ve been an idiot”, says Briton facing ten years in jail for Chiang Mai graffiti


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Who says this if they DON'T get caught?




Was this his FIRST horrible thing he has done?


odds are very, very, very, very low it was.....  now i hope for 10-years

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12 minutes ago, gunderhill said:

Works as an excuse for Thais so case dismissed  500baht.

To be honest- I cannot imagine a Thai picking up this mysterious can of spray paint ( now hands up people - has anyone seen a can of paint ( not empty) just lying there ?) 

And rushing around spraying Wat Arun , Sukothai etc etc.


So sorry just the normal boring TV response - give us a break .  

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A post in which the quoted content had been altered has been removed:


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I love all the excuses. Family has no money but Numpty can still afford to go to Thailand and create a mess.


In the same way there has to be an exam before you are allowed to drive, there should be a program and an exam before you get a passport. That way, Numpties like this would get the message that the passport is a privelege not a right. And it would scene out those who cannot control their emotions and have to become so inebriated as to not realise what they are doing when they get a bit of bad news.


Children would have to travel on the passport of a parent or guardian, under these rules. End of. In extreme cases, an adult could travel under the guardianship of an adult in charge, for those who are not capable of travelling alone or who cannot take responsibility for their own actions.

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Can someone explain to me why people are always shitting their pants when they get caught in a minor offense?


If this would happen to me, not that I spray walls unless I need to take a piss, I would just offer the police officer some money and if he doesn't accept it right away I would increase my voice and tell him to either take it or <deleted> off.


Works every time, and if it doesn't I'm sure his senior would gladly accept it.

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