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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 14:30

Projectors and tablets.

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I occasionally use a laptop connected to a ceiling mounted projector to show video clips and power point type presentations in class. Does anyone have any experience of using tablets to do this? I have a Huwaei Media Pad T3, and have seen adapters to connect from the micro USB port on the tablet to both HDMI and VGA leads (the projectors at my school vary). I asked the IT department, and they gazed at me in astonishment before shrugging their shoulders.


Has anyone managed to use a tablet for this?

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You would need an adapter depending in what connectivity is available on your tablet.

I use a Macbook USB-C to VGA dongle that connects to the projector.

I plugged in my Note 8 to the USB-C port of the dongle and it projected the image to the screen. 

I also have Google Chromecast that does everything wirelessly.

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This is the dongle that use. I also got an HDMI splitter and that is how I connect the Chromecast to the projector.

Some projectors are WIFI projectors. Some are only WiFi capable but it only works with a proprietary USB WiFi adapter.

I have to warn you though, Chromecast could get buggy at times and you won't be able to get it working with a phone wifi hotspot.

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