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Husband and wife eventually want to do dependant "extension of stay" based on retirement with husband as dependant using lump sum of 800K.

Currently have tourist visas which they want to transfer to Non O 90 days however they only have the one lump sum of 800K in wife's name. 

Do they require to each have 800K to do their respective Non O 90 days or can they do it with the single 800K which is all they will require to do the "extension of stay" based on retirement?


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Only the one that will be applying for an extension of stay based upon retirement would need to have the 800k baht in a Thai bank in their name only. The spouse getting the extension based upon the others extension would not need to have financial proof.

Only the one applying for the extension based upon retirement would able to do a change of visa status to get a 90 day non immigrant visa (category O) entry.

Immigration does not do those for family members for those with an extension based upon retirement. They would have to get a single entry non-o visa from a embassy or consulate.

In cases like this I suggest both go out for single entry non-o visas.

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