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13 jailed for student murder in Cha-Am


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13 jailed for student stabbing

By The Nation



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Thirteen attackers aged 26 and younger were jailed for a year up to life for the murder of Silpakorn University student Theerapong Thitithan, 24.


He died after being stabbed in the head with a screwdriver during an attack at his friend's dormitory in Phetchaburi's Cha-Am district last February.


Bangkok's Ratchadapisek Criminal Court on Wednesday found Kornkanok Waranyusathit, 22, and Kalasin-based Lt Col Sakdinant Moonmanee's son Dechathorn Moonmanee, 21, guilty of murder.


Kornkanok was given a life imprisonment and Sakdinant received 25½ years on the charge of conspiracy to murder and trespassing.

Chalinthorn Kaensan, 20, Athibodi Kunjaethong, 21, and an 18-year-old Phakin Suanak were jailed for one year for intrusion.


Yannawat Thiptiangtae, 19, Rewat Wongkhayai, 20, Kritanan Niem-ngern, 20, and Supasit Deetuam, 20, received 11-year jail terms for assault and intrusion.


Settha Upatham, 26, Teerapat Phothisut, 19, Teeratanon Tapnak, 20, and an 18-year-old Chinnakrit Atthawanthanon were each sentenced to 10½ years for assault.


A 14th defendant, Marisa Ngernthong, 20, was acquitted as she stayed in the vehicle.


All defendants had denied the charges, except for Dechathorn who reportedly made a confession during the trial and has since been detained at the Bangkok Remand Prison.


The court also ordered the 13 defendants to pay Bt6.87 million to Theerapong's mother, Bt150,000 to the dormitory owner and Bt125,000 and Bt95,000 to two other injured dormitory tenants.


The compensation includes 7 per cent annual interest since the February 2017 attack.


Theerapong's aunt Arunee Deesuwan said the relatives were satisfied with the verdict and would not appeal.


She said there would be no forgiveness and the family would wait to see if the case was finalised before the cremation was held. The body is at his family home in Chumphon as his mother said she would cremate her son's body when justice was served.


On February 25, 2017, the group raided the dormitory looking for someone who was seen as a romantic rival to one of the men.


The target was not there but Theerapong and the two others were identified as his friends and were attacked with bottles and a screwdriver.


While two friends were wounded, Theerapong was fatally stabbed in the temple with a screwdriver and died in hospital.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30357086

-- © Copyright The Nation 2018-10-24


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Always a beautiful day in Thailand when a high ranking cops son is convicted. Not a common occurrence. Moonmanee and his friends were all insane and misguided. Oh my girlfriend likes someone else now. I am going to pop a screwdriver into his head. And bring along a dozen friends. Let’s have a party. Sick people. Good in the courts for locking up these freaks. They do not deserve the oxygen they breathe. 

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Finally!  Thanks to the Nation for following up on a case right up to the sentencing.  Too often we hear of the heinous crimes that are reported on for a 48 hour news cycle and then drop off into the media memory hole.  Given the sentences handed out, the victim's family can receive closure in that justice was served.  Too bad these sentences probably will not be a deterrent to future fools who engage in student-on-student murder.  But at least this gang of murderers have been put down so they can no longer seek out prey in public.  No doubt they'll do that in prison, or be prey themselves.  Good riddance. 

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It is very sad to read that people who have a sad experience think about and actual kill others. In the end, they actually kill ‘themselves’ but it is even worse than dying. They live the rest of their lives locked up in a prison. They are called the walking dead. I think it is better not to be the walking dead. Get over the problem without violence. It will only hurt them ...and maybe destroy them forever.

Consequences of a person’s violent action are real and the person will never, never, never escape those consequences. I hope people can think about it now before it is too late. Violence is never the right answer.


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43 minutes ago, ebean001 said:

Consequences of a person’s violent action are real and the person will never, never, never escape those consequences.


Sorry, but I think people escape consequences of violent actions often.


Criminals are are frequently not brought to justice.

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