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Help & Support this Refugee Family to travel out of Thailand

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A Call for Help!

For several weeks now, this dear family has been detained in a Thai Immigration Prison.  While their twin 3-year old boys are staying with Mike and Ja, their parents and 6-month old daughter remain in custody.  Fadi and his pregnant wife Lama escaped...Read More

You can donate and support this lovely family here:

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8 hours ago, Weeboon Happiness Team said:

As always, we performed a background check on the campaign. This fundraiser is legit.

For those who want more details, here a message posted by one of Fadi's friend:


"Those of you who are fortunate enough to know Fadi Issa will know full well what a charming, friendly, funny and dedicated man he is, and anyone who is lucky enough to call him a friend will know how utterly loyal he is to those he cares about.

For those who don't know his wider story, he moved to Thailand four years ago, having left his homeland Syria, which was (and still is) in the midst of a devastating war. His wife was pregnant and so he knew his country was no fit place to raise a family.


He chose Thailand as one of the few viable countries for a Syrian national. He did not seek asylum, he went through the full immigration process and entered legally and freely. He later set up business, also legally, and for his entire time in Thailand he paid his own way, supported his family independently and abided by the laws and regulations.

His wife's pregnancy turned out to be twins, and earlier this year they had a third child. Everything was going well for this young family who charmed everyone they met. Fadi's presence in the country was legal and above all honourable, doing the right thing for his wife and kids after they left a country suffering from unimaginable horrors.

Then a few weeks ago they got caught up in an immigration crackdown and were all arrested. This was not Fadi's fault; he had put his trust (and money) in a lawyer who failed to renew his documentation in time, and ended up an "overstayer".

Of course, there are very many overstayers in Thailand, but those from more "desirable" countries are not treated in the same way.

Now Fadi is in the male immigration jail alone, his wife and baby are in the female one, and his twin boys are in the care of a family friend. The Thai authorities want to deport them to Syria, which of course is the last thing we want to happen to them. Perhaps they will have to leave Thailand in any case, but friends are working to try to secure them entry to Malaysia.

Whatever happens, this all costs money. Until they can afford to move on - to wherever that may be - the family will be kept apart, and the parents and one child in prison. So if it is at all possible to help with a donation, please follow the link below. If you are Fadi's friend, you KNOW he would help you in any way he could. Please help us spare him and his family the fate of being sent back to a war zone." 

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