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15 day visa exemption to japan

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Thai are allowed 15 visa exempt entry for period 15 days. Last trip arrived October 1. Stamp states "date of arrival 1/Oct/2018 untill 16/Oct/2018. So my question, does she need depart by midnight 15 or 16

I have googled advice about this but seems divided opinions. Hoping can obtain definitive advice. Thanks


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Expecting the definitive answer?

I don't have it.

But as you did I searched the net and added some common sense.


From what I found it is very clear that Japan (different from Thailand) does not count calendar days incl. arrival and departure day but allows a "duration", so that the arrival date is not counted for the "15 days".

They do it same way for "90 day" visa.

Example from the net: 28. AUG 2011 to 26. NOV 2011.

A duration of 90 days (91 calendar days).

In Thailand the last date for departure ("90 day") would be stamped as 25. NOV 2011.


Common sense: what country in the world would put a stamp in the passport with a date that results in overstay?


Let's see whether someone has tested from own experience...

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Common sense suggests that she needs to depart Japan before midnight on 16th.


We visit Japan every year, on a couple of those trips my Wife (Thai) has departed on the last day (I.e. On the 16th in your example above)

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Thankyou gentlemen and as Richard has personal experience I will trust that. Another thing I will do is check with AirAsia their take on it, as the first hurdle is to get on the plane. Been Japan many times and show return flight and sometime the staff count on fingers at boarding gate. Actually flying back to bkk today so will report airline take on it.

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18 minutes ago, ChiangMaiLightning2143 said:

Overstay 1 day in Japan you won't be coming back for 5 years, I'm told.

Don't risk it.

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Precisely why I'm trying to get definitive advice now.

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How to count 15days visa exemption period for Thai Nationals.
Available days to stay = arrival date + 15days

Arrive in Japan on December 1st at 6:00 AM.
Arrival date + 15 days = 16th
Allowed to stay until December 16th. 
But You have get through passport control at and before 23:59 PM.

Arrive in Japan on December 20th.
Arrival date 20th + 15 days = 35th
Allowed to stay until 4th January because December is until 31th. 
(Same as above about allowed to staying time)
If you have any questions, Please don’t hesitate to ask Japan Visa Application Centre or Embassy of Japan in Thailand.

[Japan Visa Application Centre]
Call Centre :+66 -(0) 2- 251-5197~8  Email : [email protected]
[Embassy of Japan in Thailand]
Tel: 66-2-207-8503 / 66-2-696-3003



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