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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 10:16

Traditional boat race held in Nan to promote unity

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Traditional boat race held in Nan to promote unity




NAN, 30th October 2018 (NNT) - Pua The Cultural Council of Nan province and PuaMunicipality has again organized the annual longboat race to promote unity among people and preserve a local tradition. 

Pua District Chief Chanathip Semyam presided over the opening ceremony of the competition which is held every year at Ngiew Khlong Nam Sai Reservoir to strengthen ties among communities in Pua district. 

Youth participating in the race learnt about sportsmanship, unity and how to spend their time constructively. The races were divided into 5 and 12 rowing categories. 

All boats were beautifully decorated with Naga figureheads in different colors. People from various places came out to see the race and support their teams. The competition also brought pride and joy to the people of Pua district.

-- nnt 2018-10-30

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A big event here in Nan. Several streets on the south west side of the main shopping district closed and temporary stalls and amusements in place until the 4th. Been quite a few boats being trailer-ed about as well. Some take quite some maneuvering to get about the town due to the length and tight corners. A drop of 5 degrees expected here for the morning minimum tomorrow and for the next several days.

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