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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 07:34

Taking thai phone and new phone to europe

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We need to take the thai work phone to europe to keep in contact with our staff. We will mostly use LINE (if possible) and / or WhatsApp. Also will need to log onto KTB online banking and get the OTP code. 


To avoid huge fees on return do I need to 

1. call dtac and enable international roaming? do I only do this right before getting on the plane?

2. in europe... turn off data roaming? do I then connect to wifi?


Finally, we were given a free samsung smart phone from a sales company. I was going to take it and put a pre paid german sim in it. should I pull it out of the box and set things up now or just do it over there. I assume when I buy the sim card a phone company can help set it up



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Avoid roaming as it is expensive, just use free wifi, no need to call DTAC as roaming should be automatic, but good to check in advance. But I would not use roaming. Buy a sim in Germany and yes the seller will help set it up.

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