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Warning About Computer Cd's

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Just a warning to anyone thinking of buying any of the Thai language computer programs from the vendor near Dairy Queen on the ground floor of Big C, DON'T!

They are supposed to be for Thai's to learn English, but they had a good spoken dictionary feature with English translations and a simple picture alongside that looked like it would be good to help learn Thai, as well as English. But, the disk failed to autoload in the computer, and when the the 'install files' were opened, it corrupted a bunch of my existing files and generally f.. screwed things up, besides not installing or working at all! And, guess what? No money back. They will exchange it for another of the same screwed-up disks, but I don't know why you would want to do that. Anyway, be warned. This is not just like a bad music CD or DVD from Tatchilek that just won't play. This will seriously screw up your computer.

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I've bought pirate software all over Asia and the ones that have worked have been the exception rather than the rule.

I bought a couple of Thai/English programs in the book shop at Big C. They loaded really well and were quite impressive. My Thai wasn't good enough for them to be much use to me though so I donated them to the local coppers. (Grovel grovel.)

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