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B-VISA: am mystified about "local rules"

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Up North, there was an iron clad requirement to bring the Police clearance form.


  • Seems they haven't heard of that (for foreign teachers).
  • then they now want "2 x 2" photographs showing much less of an applicant's face but instead the whole upper body. What on earth would be the purpose of such an odd size and photograph?!???


A third oddity is the school submitting paperwork prior to an applicant showing up?


I've always obtained all my VISAs in Laos.


(I would rather stick to normal passport size photos. Last time, I used the smaller than passport-size photos and those were welcome by the Lao and the Thai officials).


Getting turned away for not having that Police check sorted would be a nightmare. It's a 100 THB fee and something every school should do, JMHO. Can't believe there is no nationwide law regarding these things?!

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As you have experienced, each office is on a power ploy.


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