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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 13:25

Road Construction Season

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Out in my rural area the winter's road resurfacing season has begun. It's badly needed because the heavy trucks over the summer have really wrecked the two lane highways. They're a minefield of potholes. The bad side is the car is constantly covered in dust and mud after driving through the construction areas! Worse when they begin to apply the tar!


It seems the road budget is unlimited with ample heavy equipment onsite to do the resurfacing job properly. For my two-cents, I wish they would also invest in two guys with stop/go signs to control the traffic where the road narrows to one lane. It's total chaos as to who goes first and when it's safe to pass the heavy equipment working.

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14 minutes ago, Manassas said:

Worse when they begin to apply the tar!

I have a 40km section of road that I use and I have no alternative route. For the last 2 years it's been in the process of being widened, resurfaced and then dug up and patched up! The mud and dust is one thing but when they start asphalting it's a nightmare! 

I always try to stop for a few minutes to let the asphalt and the tar dry a little but sometimes it's impossible when sandwiched between a couple of 12 wheelers so end up with tar marks up the side and inner wheel arches lined with a new coat of rust preventative!

TBH, I wish they would have severe speed restrictions in place when doing road reconstruction. Once they strip the original surface and lay new foundations, it's normally left for a couple of weeks to let the traffic 'bed it in'. During this time my poor little car gets covered in stonechips from speeding vechicles from the opposite side.   


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