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Could then - Cant Now !

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This is just for fun and no serious debates or arguments please.


Inspired by the heated debate on smoking laws.......


What can you remember that was perfectly fine to do when you were younger but is outlawed now ?? 


Smoking was the norm for most adults ! permitted everywhere.


Parrafin heaters 

Seatbelts werent compulsory

Eating whilst driving

Racial remarks commonplace

Riding any size motorbike you like

No "written" driving test.



Bonfires and bangers ! 



Just a few that come to mind,

What can you think of ??



(Keep it light-hearted please)






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Long time ago in a civilized country I could:

- Tune my small motorcycle and get away with it.

- Drive fast and no speed cameras everywhere.

I am sure I can't do that "at home" anymore - but I can still do it in Thailand 😉



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Asbestos walls and lead based paint... 


not outlawed but out of date: 

My transistor radio was cool.. 

Families portrayed as normal people, Ozzie and Harriet, Father knows best... 

Duck and cover in the hallway at school

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19 hours ago, Justgrazing said:

Getting a clip 'round the ear off the old man for putting bricks on the railway line to watch 'em getting crushed by the train  .. 



and pennies............

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thirty years ago; buy 2 bottles of Mekhong;


take a glassful from one bottle, and all seemed normal

Take but a smll sip out of the other bottle, and you are off your face, and your are seemingly legless from the knees down (there was no Govt regulation in how the stuff was produced back then)



Drinking it for long enough, and you face (eyes) take on

'the Mekhong Look'

Image result for Vincent Schiavelli    those were the days...

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