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BANGKOK 23 February 2019 01:08

French bank robber and drug kingpin back in custody after Big Joke gets on the case

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On 11/9/2018 at 3:34 AM, Faikham said:

So, if the French requested him and he was subsequently deported, how did he get back? Or even out of France?

May be he got out on bail and then sneaked to a non-EU country by border and then flew from there to Malaysia. Most European borders are open. 

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Interesting.  I always wondered about the details of changing one's name.  Assuming it is done legally, through the courts etc.  A name change in the USA probably would not change one's social security number association?  I bet in this day and age a legal name change would take a long time to get correctly entered in all the USA government and civilian databases, obamacare, banks, credit cards, ID checks, Birth certificate associations with the Social Security Administration, having to constantly provide the court order and then "forcing" each little agency to get in lock step. 


 But the SSN is not on a passport.  I assume this guy did not legally and fully change his name, being wanted by the French I doubt the French courts would allow that. 

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