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Big Joke: UK woman was not raped on Phuket; Thai "sushi maker" arrested


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26 minutes ago, animatic said:

And noting that he said he had sex with her while she was asleep, and when she woke up she ran...

it was certainly rape.

I take it that you were present during the interview, and don't just go with what is written in an article ny a journalist who also wasn't present at the interview.


27 minutes ago, animatic said:

If she was not awake, not aware, and not consenting, no matter whether finger or sex organ it is rape.

I already posted how UK police, in my opinion a credible source, considers an event like this but of course it must be you who defines laws.

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she let a strange man bring her to the room and whit the stranger in the room she went to sleep, sure.

what is she thinking,, maybe she's in the US and get some money out of it??

Always the same people, brits who get druk and raped, hahahahaha. And i  beleave in Santa Claus.

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Just a moment, please.


The woman was drinking at the bar alone, got drunk and then asks a man who was not a taxi driver to take her back to her hotel.


So she was not drunk enough to invite a man to take her to her hotel, but too drunk to ask staff to call her a taxi. After she passed out  fell asleep, the man probably took advantage of the situation and took the woman to his house instead.


Surely don`t women bear some responsibilities towards their own safety and vulnerabilities? I am not condoning what the guy did, if had been me I`d simply had called her a taxi, but sorry, have little sympathy for this woman either.

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6 hours ago, moe666 said:

What rock are you sleeping under, high season has started and Chiang Mai has been flooded by young farangs from America, europe, and GB. There are a lot of Spanish tourist this year

I think that the fact that TAT has decided NOT to publish tourist arrivals or tourist spending in future does not simply mean that they have finally accepted the real meaning of "quality tourist", but is more likely an indication of non-increasing  or even falling numbers, after years of "luring" anybody here, including the more recent Chinese.  After all, no Government official dare report bad numbers on anything, as it might possibly put the ruling Junta in a bad light, with a possible election looming whenever.

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1 minute ago, Lupatria said:

Now I wait for the headline: Big Jerk declares Thailand a rape-free zone.

Any women anywhere in the world that place themselves in situations like that are putting themselves in great danger.


There are men out there that will try and manipulate the vulnerabilities to their own advantage, that is a fact. For example; I would not walk alone at night in a remote area carrying a large amount of cash or jewellery on me, that in anybodies opinion would be madness. So what`s the difference? Another example, I would not park my car with the key in it`s ignition, engine running hoping no one will steal it.


My point being, there are unscrupulous people out there that would do us harm if we leave ourselves vulnerable, so we use common sense and do the best to keep ourselves and our property safe.  

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