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BANGKOK 23 July 2019 21:08

Trat: Stray dog saved from poisoning by 7-Eleven staff, rescuers

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4 hours ago, JimmyJ said:

He's assuming no such thing.


He's simply pointing out that everything you stated is incorrect.

What I said is most certainly not "incorrect", but it is my opinion. I have a young daughter that as a toddler was bitten quite badly and hospitalized by one of these stray dogs, and still to this day the mere sight of a dog terrifies her.

Stray dogs are a menace to society just as those that feed them are. Feeding strays helps nobody and only compounds the problem.

As I originally said if these 'well intentioned' individuals want to care for a dog, they should do so properly, in their own home, feed it there and exercise it daily, and when I say exercise I mean under full control and on a lead at all times, not just booted out for a run around on it's own as most Thai's seem to do.

Had they followed that course of action I would have applauded their actions, as something positive for both the dog and society would have come from it all. In the meantime however my original thoughts will remain.

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