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Amazing fall from grace for Pattaya big shot Luke Cook - respected expat to death row in Thailand

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Amazing fall from grace for Pattaya big shot Luke Cook - respected expat to death row in Thailand



Picture: Facebook Luke Cook


Media around the world has been commenting on the story of Australian Luke Cook, 34, who has been sentenced to death for trying to import half a ton of methamphetamine into Australia.


While Thaivisa sources close to Cook said that his wife Kanyarat Wechapitak, 40, was a "controlling and unpleasant person".


She is also facing death though it is believed the sentences will be commuted. 


Cook and Kanyarat ran the Jolly's Piss Stop Bar and Restaurant and the attached Jolly's Hotel in Soi Bua Khao in Thailand's world famous seaside resort. 


They attracted the attention of local media in Pattaya and their bar and hotel operation was featured on YouTube. 


Cook was living the high life in Pattaya leasing yachts but was mixed up in drugs with Wayne Schneider who was murdered and found buried by the side of a road.


He was also an associate of Antonio Bagnato who has been convicted of the murder of Schneider. 



Photo: Narcotics Suppression Bureau


Cook was involved at one time with the Hell's Angels biker gang in Perth and met other criminals through that association. 


In December of last year after a previous conviction Cook and his wife were nabbed at Suvarabhumi airport and charged with trying to import 500 kgs of "ice" into Australia. 


The drugs were dumped off the coast of Chonburi after Thai authorities got wind of the shipment to Australia from China via Thailand. 


An insider source who knew Cook well and asked not to be named told Thaivisa that Kanyarat was an unpleasant and controlling wife who kept her hands on business matters. 


She was described to Thaivisa as an attention seeker who would hog the karaoke microphone at the couple's bar and who aspired to a hi-so life. 


Together the couple had luxury properties, BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Ducatis and even a personal yacht. 


The West Australian media down under itemized Cook's extravagant lifestyle and fall from grace from the expat everyone wanted to get to know to the convicted criminal of today. 


On YouTube a two to three minute video starts with a friendly "G'day" and extols the virtues of a trip to Jolly's for the "complete experience" in Pattaya. Good meals, pool, TVs for sports and 450B rooms were all laid on for customers. 


But when the 2015 methamphetamine plot was discovered by Thai police it all turned sour for Cook and his wife. 

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-11-14

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Looks like Mr. Cook had a decent hotel/resto/bar business going.


Too bad he got lured into the criminal elements and fast/easy money.


He actually  sounds like an OK chap in this video.




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