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Police Statement

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Know a guy living in Udon who’s now ex mrs is giving him hell, ie has made false police statements and he needs to visit cop shop tomorrow to hear his side of the story


Just asking - if he is asked to sign anything in Thai - should he ? Told him to bring a trustworthy translator or lawyer


Nice guy from my dealing with him



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I Doubt if the police will, at all be interested in a ‘domestic’. Those police statements are for the police to register the complaint and then ‘file it’. All government offices love paperwork in a very inefficient way.

I agree with the recommendation of going with Lawyer/translator because from ‘the polices eyes’, they will then see someone who is not taking this matter lightly and is also willing to pay to clear his name.


P.s. Remember here in LOS money is king, nudge, nudge!!!



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Never sign anything you do not understand!!!

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