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BANGKOK 18 July 2019 15:43

Why Japanese Are So Thin According to Science

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Last year we did 10 days in Tokyo and Kyoto.  Soda is almost never served in the traditional japanese restaurant.  They serve green tea or barley roasted red tea hot or cold with no sugar as the meal drink.  No dairy products were available.  Never saw much fried food.  The amount of american style fast food places was VERY small compared to the USA or europe or Thailand.  Just a few in tourist areas.

Our meals were great and filling.  We had salmon for breakfast.  One egg.  One bowl of rice.  One seaweed cracker.  (really terrible)  a boiled gummy vegetable which had sesame seed in it.  And a cup of salad.  And a small dish of pickled veggies. 


For lunch a big bowl of noodles or rice.  A pork cutlet over the top sliced up and a layer of veggies and a boiled egg. Repeat for supper.  Fried food was missing.  We saw only about one restaurant a day serving what westerns call Tempura.  Evidently, this a rare treat in Japan.  Gorging on Sushi is also a rare treat.  And expensive with the amount of food we would normally eat running about 55 USD.


We walked between 20-30 K steps everyday utilizing the japanese train system.  This is probably around 10 times the walking that is done in the USA.  


My friend is a body builder and started to feel weight loss and ordered two meals for lunch and dinner eating double the japanese portions.  I felt fine without it. 


On the last day at a traditional bath on the outskirts of Tokyo we weighed in.  He lost 4 lbs I lost 7 lbs.  That is in 10 days.  He was pretty irritated.  I was delighted.

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