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New building supply store Ban Chang

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Came across this new construction site on Suk in east Ban Chang yesterday. Took a couple of pics of site that shows no business names except the construction company. Stopped and asked the security guard what is this business here and he said " Thaiwatsadu". So I have to believe him that this will be a new Thaiwatsadu home building supply store. If someone can correct this info feel free. Location as said east Suk opposite the Dacon Inspection services




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11 minutes ago, gmac said:

I'm sure I read somewhere on here that someone said it was going to be a new Big C.

i think that is what  read, someone also said a makro was coming as well

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I will bump this old topic here to say for those here in BC the new Mega Home store is making great progress and my prediction is they will have a soft opening soon,,,, maybe in a month or less? but soon for sure. And if you did not know it Mega is the building supply group of the HomePro co.

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1 hour ago, longball53098 said:

Latest word I got from a good source says the Mega Home will open on the 5th of November,,,,,,,,,,,we shall see!

I cannot edit this but just after I posted I learned that the 5 Nov date is not quite correct and now learn  29 November is a more accurate date.

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8 minutes ago, longball53098 said:

Looks like Makro is very close to opening.

Can you post a google maps location of this new Makro  please ?

Last time I went to the Pattaya Makro it was absolutely  packed  the whole car park almost full  queues at the checks out where very long ..(reminder to self don't go on the weekend again)

Hopefully this new branch will take some of the strain off the Pattaya branch.

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Some new info,,,,,,,,,the stocking the shelves in the new Mega Home is moving along and the parade of container trucks is continuing today. They should be open by the 29th.


Other news? Phala is getting another 7-11. I saw the build site today as I was driving down Phala Beach road from Suk. If you are familiar with the road about halfway to the beach is a Government low cost housing project. At the entry corner to that project is a now under construction 7-11. Just popped up there is the last week. Seeing how rapidly 7 builds these stores I would guesstimate a month and it will open. I post a photo of the corner for reference.

New 7 Phala.jpg

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