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Van from Penang back to Hat Yai, insurance scam


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The driver demanded our passports. Not a word as to why. (I can write, just need the form).

Turns out, there is also compulsory insurance for the van and the benefit of the tour operator, not the paying passenger


It makes perfect sense to buy insurance for the last 1 hour in that van. But then, the named beneficiary wouldn't be the paying passenger.


Disgusting. Just go on and charge the same higher fee the Thai side charges. 400 THB vs 40 MYR. 

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So what is the total fee of the van?  I think from Penang it was RM40 booked directly from Newsia Komtar as of last year.  45RM if you book from an agent. Used to be 35RM a couple of years ago and then 30RM before that.  Inflation + insurance??

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