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I flew Thailand two times in 9 months!

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Text too small to read.
But I got the gist, and would point out Thailand has always been a dangerous place for young women to get drunk and party.
It's not as if the papers and TV News don't publish multiple stories of rape and suspicious deaths of foreigners in Thailand every single year. The local criminal gangs are dangerous and often supported by local officials.
Why did she come here in view of the widely publicised risks?
Why didn't you as her parents stop her coming here in view of the widely publicised risks?
Why did you think your visits would be free of personal risks?
Be grateful your daughter survived to return to Norway, many daughters didn't.
You think you know everything! You don't. Your accusations and suggestions are pathetic. Truly despicable!

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I must comment because if you guys had any idea how many times I heard “you are crazy, leaving your teenager girl alone in a Bar in Thailand” 
Question like this make me sad, attached, feel it’s my mistake bla bla bla... and it make me angry that some people don’t think before they speak! 
I know now it’s not my mistake, and I know it’s not my daughter mistake. 
Im so sick of explaining she was not drunk, she had no drugs in her blood and urinalysis, she had long and loose pants + t-shirt with normal neck and the other f....... reasons for excuse that she’s raped. 
It it doesn’t matter if she had hot pant & top, drunk, drugged!!!
It’s a crime to have sex with persons that NOT aloud you to or if a person is out of control (drugged, to much drunk).
And now the info in this topic about it’s not aloud to have 19 year old in bar and give alcohol in Thailand... what’s the point with that comment? 
It would still happen if she was 20, the f...... rapist didn’t rape her in the basement of bar because she was under age... 
Please understand my message and goal with share our story in public, it’s a pray of make Norway and other countries travel companies and the embassies to hopefully START informing their customers about some simple advices it’s good to know about when travel to Thailand. 
I believe it’s not many holiday tourists reading news and forums like this if they don’t know about or is a Thai-victim them self. 
So please use your energy to think about how and what YOU can do for make a change in future and make people know about never walk alone to toilet if you are female, not show all money in your pocket, don’t take taxi alone etc... 
I understand all of your comments. What I'm doing about this: Leaving Thailand. The rubbish that goes on here in the "Land of Smiles" is absolutely pathetic. Yes.. It happens in other countries... But those countries don't sell the BS that Thailand is selling.

Good look to you and your familiy in this time of seeking justice and the healing process.

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