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9 hours ago, tlcwaterfall said:

Two new Shield devices will come out later this year or early next year.


The two new models popped up briefly on Amazon and NewEgg a day or two ago, before the listings were quickly taken down. But that provided the opportunity for a lot of news coverage of the details of the two new devices earlier this week. And it also suggests they're going to be formally available pretty much any day now, apparently both listing at $199 U.S.

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8 hours ago, giddyup said:

Excuse my ignorance, but how do you use a Fire Stick when travelling, don't you need an internet connection, or are you staying in places that have wi-fi?


You can buy an add-on ethernet adapter for them. But yes, the Fire sticks are primarily wifi-based devices, which can be used when traveling via hotel wifi and such after plugging the stick into an HDMI port on any ole TV.



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