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BANGKOK 22 March 2019 11:32

Legalisation of TEFL Certificate

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I'm planning to go to teach in Vietnam in the near future, but have discovered that your degree and TEFL need to be legalised. My TEFL was done in Thailand through TEFL international, which I believe is an American company. Where can I get this legalised? The UK government website talks specifically about "documents originating from the UK", so will they still do it for me? It's a bit confusing. If it's an American company, would it be through the US embassy in Bangkok?

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If the course is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education to conduct TEFL training, you can notarize the certificate at the nearest Ministry of Foreign Affairs office to their school in Thailand. I think you would then need to visit the Vietnamese embassy, or Chinese for China, to 'legalize' the notarized certificate.


You should contact your course provider for advice.

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