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Seafood price controversy rumbles on as trader blasts authorities for picking on them


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9 hours ago, korkenzieher said:

Haven't bought food in that market for over 7 years because of the ludicrous pricing. Pleanty of other options in Hua Hin. Left 'downtown' to the tourists years ago.

I've eaten at a certain restaurant on that street that has a few tables on 2nd floor area overlooking the market.
I've also eaten at other places.


Prices were clearly marked, and never had a problem.  That said, never went for the big fish meals as this person did.

But even without eating at some places, I inquired as to price of those big Lobsters you see being cooked on street.

Vendors clearly said the price per kilo (I believe was 2000), and that one of them could be 1-2kg.  Also that it could feed 2-4 people depending how big and hundry.  So it is what it is.


Just ask ?  If not good, switch to something cheaper and still have a good time.

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20 hours ago, webfact said:

Prajuab Khirikhan commerce representative Prasopchai Phoonkert said that measures had been taken to rein in the traders and make them display prices but it was tough to stop all malpractice. 

It's not difficult....

Walk around the markets and if the prices are not displayed shut them down & hit them in the pocket!!

After the first two or three have been closed the others will find a sudden new willingness to comply !!!!

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