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I'll just say it again: www.latexinnovations.com

Great service and product. Mam will take care of you.

I have 4 full mattresses from them and have zero complaints. Only sweet dreams.


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On 11/21/2018 at 8:07 PM, CharlieH said:

I bought one from Lazada, great, like a cloud, a little warm but lovely for about 10wks, after that, went flat, lost its shape etc, waste of time and money.😖


Choose wisely, I'm still searching !☹ difficult to trust what your told in stores etc, get a recommendation from a personal experience would be my advice.

Go and buy 100% latex or close to it above 90%. It will never sink or lose its shape.


Those foam type or spring type don't last.


Don't buy those with two layers of material. The top layer is latex but bottom layer is cheap material. That's why it's cheaper.

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