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Complete a degree or not for teaching possibilities in Thailand

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Well connected government schools can't do shit nor do they want to. Further, you're a cog, not a god. Wages have not risen for rank and file teachers indicating there's still a glut and/or teachers readily accept servitude wages. The competition would be daunting, even functional illiterates have degrees. Could you maybe get some joke job in the bowels of Thailand for 30? Maybe. Maybe no work permit or waiver as well. 


Above comments regarding public schools.


Many schools have difficulty keeping 60+ teachers on if they don't have their permanent license.


Given the way technology is moving I expect the employment in this field to halve in 7-10 years, even in Thailand.

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On 11/22/2018 at 6:04 PM, ozmeldo said:

I've been under the distinct impression that a Bachelor's is required for K-12 schools. There may have been loopholes in the past, but they are largely closed.


In other words, no diploma, no job. No idea what these contrary opinions are based on.


Often after ten years your credits toward an incomplete degree are void.

I stand corrected. Posters were discussing language schools.

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In Thailand, most schools will require at least a bachelor degree. For international School it mostly Masters degree.

You are able to do an online bachelor in education at Bangkok School of Management.

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