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BANGKOK 21 March 2019 15:32

Skilled foreign workers needed in Thailand

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Skilled foreign workers needed in Thailand




BANGKOK, 23rd November 2018 (NNT)-A Thai academic says the nation needs to attract skilled foreign workers to work in the country, especially in the industrial technology sector, to overcome a shortage of skilled-workers. 

In a seminar held by the Institute for Population and Social Research of Mahidol University, a university researcher, Ms. Sureeporn Phanpueng , revealed that Thailand needs around 2.3 million more skilled employees to work in innovative and technological industries, robotics, and the health and food industries. 

The event was attended by academics and those from related fields. Ms. Sureeporn proposed that the government solve the problem by offering work visas to skilled foreign workers who take up positions in Thailand and by creating an attractive living environment for them. 

She also wants the government to promote the transfer of technological know-how between foreign experts and Thai workers, as well as international education in Thailand.

-- nnt 2018-11-23
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40 minutes ago, PatOngo said:

It's only taken till the end of 2018 to realise this? I could have told them that 30 yrs ago!

I think you did

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