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BANGKOK 23 February 2019 01:07

Decidedly odd job ads: what were they thinking?!?

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Hi guys,


here is an example: *Direct link edited out*


a) They want applicants to show up and fill out application forms in person.


b) Then they want the jobseekers to return for interviews and demo lessons.


c) "Major"? English Literature? 


d) Seems they do expect a stampede as they are offering  "at least 18,500 THB"


Other ads target folks under 26. Perhaps they are posted by chess players who know that Magnus Carlsen peaked at 23? 



There are schools which fail to find foreign teachers. No wonder that many rely on foreign staff to help with their recruitment 🙄 


Q: What's the weirdest job ad you have recently seen?

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Direct link edited out

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Perhaps once or twice, similar to what you've suggested a public school or two will post some absolutely ridiculous criteria and qualifications. The really funny part is I never recognize the school and they are never on a MRT BTS line. The pay is 30-35ish


So I can't detail specifically but essentially, a teacher with the qualifications they ask would be commanding 53-78k. Basically a rock solid teacher low mid tier International or strongest teachers at top publics.


The list strikes me as something that might have been copied from a proper government job + they fold in a bunch of additional requirements. Hilarious.

I'd suspect the only responses they get are, you can't be serious?




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"working hours: 0730-1630." And you can bet the don't like people leaving during the day, but probably have at least one "runner" per week.

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